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  • Dylan D’Agate

Environmental Justice – Protecting the Most Vulnerable Communities

What Is environmental justice, and why is its pursuit important to protect vulnerable communities from the impacts of climate change? In the interview that follows, Peggy Shepard, a White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council member, describes the term as a means “to push back against the environmental racism and [socioeconomic discrimination]” that negatively affects the health and sustainability of the poorest communities as well as those of color.

As just one example of environmental injustice, Ms. Shepard notes that communities of color and low income are the “primary predictor of where waste facilities are placed.” She points to a connection between poor air and water quality and the high number of COVID deaths among African Americans. And she provides other examples of toxic conditions that affect the most vulnerable. What can younger generations do to become more aware of environmental justice issues, engage in their local communities, and change environmental policy to protect all people, no matter their race, national origin, or income? CLICK HERE for a most informative interview.


WE ACT for Environmental Justice, of which Peggy Shepard is co-founder and executive director

Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Justice Foundation


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