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Resources & Rebates for Electric Cars:

  • NYSERDA Drive Clean Rebate HERE

  • Plug In America HERE

  • Check to see if there are any current EV events HERE

NEW: Electric Vehicle 101 Online Learning Course from Drive Electric Long Island


Learn the basics about electric vehicles around your own schedule and at your own pace with this new on-demand learning course from Drive Electric Long Island.  It’s interactive, convenient, and engaging, and brings the learning right into your home!  Topics include why go EV, available financial incentives, environmental impacts, why now, and life with an EV.   You have to create a free account to access the course but it is secure, well worth it, and the site will not contact you:


This course was created by Jackrabbit Learning Experience on the Moodle Cloud learning platform in collaboration with Drive Electric Long Island.   Drive Electric Long Island is a coalition of electric vehicle stakeholders, including the Sierra Club of Long Island, dedicated to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure on Long Island.  Jackrabbit is member of Drive Electric Long Island who volunteered and committed resources to the development of this online course. 

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