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West Brook Pond

For the protecting of our saltwater marsh, to enhance coastal resiliency in times of severe weather, and for healthy coastal ecosystems we need to ban the blanket spraying of methoprene. Support A6366 and S4314. Call your local representative.

Frank Piccininni addresses restoration ecology in reference to the West Brook Dam. The dam, located just south of Bayard Cutting Arboretum, failed last year and now the emphasis is to let the several acres space heal to “sequester carbon to mitigate climate change, help with the prevention of storm water runoff and to create wildlife habitat.” Frank calls for “monitoring explicit effectiveness of intervention” and for “local government to develop incentives to encourage adaptive science and restoration ecology.” See also letter to George Gorman, Regional Director of NYS Office and Parks and Recreation- Long Island Region located on the site.


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Dr. Sarah Meyland

Protect Our Aquifer Day

Sarah J. Meyland, MS. J.D., is a water specialist with a background in groundwater protection, water resources management, and environmental law. She is an associate professor in the Department of Environmental Technology and Sustainability, NYIT College of Engineering and Computing Sciences. Meyland has worked in New York government as the co-executive director of the NYS Legislative Commission on Water Resource Needs of Long Island. She was the watershed director for the Suffolk County Water Authority, and the program coordinator for the Nassau County Planning Federation.


Produced and Directed by Douglas Morrow D.A.M. Video Inc. Copyright 2019

Program Agendas for May 3rd 2018 Protect Our Aquifer Day


Full Video transcripts go to


9:30 – 10:05 Water Rights and New York’s New Water Withdrawal Permitting Law Rachel Treichler, Esq.

10:05 – 10:40 Preliminary Analysis of Saltwater Intrusion at Selected Long Island Locations Using Surface and Borehole Geophysical Methods Dr. Frederick Stumm, Research Hydrologist, USGS

11:00 – 11:35 USGS Surface and Groundwater Monitoring Amy Simonson, Hydrologist, USGS

11:35 – 12:10 pm Update on Unregulated Contaminants: 1,4 Dioxane and PFAS Christina Touhy, PE, Arcadis

12:10 – 1:15 pm PANEL DISCUSSION: Presenters plus invited guests:

Honorable Steve Englebright; Honorable Sarah Anker; and

Honorable Edward Romaine


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Marshall Brown

Kevin McAllister

Marshall Brown - Executive Director of Save the Great South Bay talks about three simple thoughts and actions the organization is committed to.


Produced and Directed by Douglas Morrow D.A.M. Video Inc. Copyright 2019

Scientists present thoughts and actions about what they are doing, what needs to be done and things you can do to help coastal resiliency.


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Dr. Russell Burke

Alewife Migration

Dr. Russell Burke - Professor of Biology at Hofstra University talks about three simple thoughts and actions the organization is committed to.

Produced and Directed by Douglas Morrow D.A.M. Video Inc. Copyright 2019

Hempstead Lake Park

The Alewife is a fish that moves from salt water to fresh water to spawn. They then return back to salt water. These fish are an indicator of our fragile ecosystem within our local environment. Fish migration is correlated to Coastal Resiliency.


For more information


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World Fish Migration Day

Solving Plastic Pollution

"The decline of diadromous fish (striped bass, Atlantic sturgeon, American shad, Alewife and Blueback Herring, American Eel, Brook Trout) has a major impact on the health of our coastal ecosystem, as these fish play a vital role in transferring ocean energy into estuarine, freshwater and upland habitats, and provide indispensable forage for countless other species. It is no exaggeration to say that they help to drive Long Island's entire coastal food web. Rebuilding their populations across the region is a critical component in restoring the hearth of our estuaries."


For more information


The next WFMD will be 2020 and hopefully

the Fish Ladder for the Woodhull Dam will be complete.


Video Produced and Directed by Douglas Morrow for D.A.M. Video Inc. Copyright 2018

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Solutions to tackle plastic pollution are within reach so we can avoid a future in which there are more plastic than fish in our oceans. Sir David Attenborough supports a circular economy for plastic, in which we eliminate the plastic we don’t need, innovate so all the plastic we do need is designed to be safely reused, recycled, or composted and circulate everything we use so the material stays in the economy and never becomes waste or pollution.


Find out what the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's work to enable the transition toward a circular economy for plastic here:


Learn more about the circular economy for plastic here: https://www.ellenmacarthurfoundation....


#circulareconomy #DavidAttenborough

Dr. Meyland Interview - Earth Blogger

Dylan Interviews Dr. Sarah Meyland

It is more vital than ever before that we take control of our water and ensure that future generations continue to have enough water for their needs when we are gone. We need to make sure that we use our groundwater very carefully and frugally. Water is more precious than diamonds. Water is life.  It sustains us and without it, we cannot continue to live, forget thrive, as a species. You can learn more about what you can do by visiting Dylan's Earth Blogger post here.

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