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The Sierra Club remains unequivocally opposed to nuclear energy. Although nuclear plants have been in operation for less than 60 years, we now have seen three serious disasters. Tragically, it took a horrific disaster in Japan to remind the world that none of the fundamental problems with nuclear power have ever been addressed.

Besides reactor safety, both nuclear proliferation and the required long-term storage of nuclear waste (which remains lethal for more than 100,000 years) make nuclear power a uniquely dangerous energy technology for humanity.  Nuclear is no solution to Climate Change and every dollar spent on nuclear is one less dollar spent on truly safe, affordable and renewable energy sources.  Help us work to phase out nuclear as quickly as possible.

Why should we on Long Island be concerned?


Did you know that we are downwind of the Indian Point reactors? Did you know that the Cesium-137 component of radioactive waste stored at Indian Point is over seven times what was at Chernobyl? (see chart below)

Interactive map of Operating Nuclear Power Reactors in the US

The U.S. Nuclear Weapons Complex: Major Facilities

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