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Please Note: Donations using the “donate” button below go directly to the Long Island Group and are greatly appreciated, but they are not tax deductible.*

Donations directly to the L.I. Sierra Club might be used to defray the cost of endorsing political candidates or lobbying, neither of which is a tax deductible activity.


Visit the About page to learn more about what we do. Note that, donations using the button below will go directly to the Long Island Sierra Club Group and may be used for any purposes towards bettering the environment of Long Island, including non-tax deductable purposes like endorsing political candidates.

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Donations to the National Sierra Club Foundation are tax deductible.

Donations to the Sierra Club Foundation for the L.I. Sierra Club group, via the Sierra Club Foundation are recoverable by the group only for its tax deductible activities and, if you want our Long Island Group to use it for that purpose you may indicate this upon donating. Donate here.

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