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Executive Committee (ExCom) Election Information

The Executive Committee of the Long Island group is the governing and local policy making body of the Long Island group. It is composed of 11 Sierra Club L. I. group members who volunteer their time to serve for a two year term. They are elected only by the Sierra Club members who live in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. They act as representatives of the full membership.


On December 31st, the terms of 6 Ex Comm member’s expire. Seven members are running to fill the 6 seats. The candidate personal bios are below.


Do not vote online if you have mailed or intend to mail a ballot.

Online link for the voting ballot can be found here*. Please scroll to the bottom of the link to vote.

Dec 31: Excom ballots (votes) due.​ When you follow the link, please make sure to scroll down and select the group for Long Island before you cast your votes. Thank you.

Biographies for LI Sierra Club Executive Committee 

Kelly Devine

I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t awed by nature or concerned about the impact humans have upon it. Since moving to Port Jefferson in 1996, I have volunteered with the Sierra Club to work on single-use bag issues and the transportation sector transition as part of the Suffolk County Clean Energy Group and the NY-CT­FA (Clean Transportation For All) Strategy group. In Port Jeff, I have volunteered with the Village Go Green activities, at the community garden and as part of a loose group of gardeners maintaining native planting throughout the village.

Presently, I chair the Highlands Six Acre Park Citizens committee charged with overseeing the transformation of six acres along Highlands Blvd into parkland that is sustainable and sustaining for wildlife and humans alike. In addition, since 2006, I have programmed a peace-centered social engagement festival in Florida that always features environmental programming and promotes positive community action.

Diane Ives


I am proud of LISC’s work protecting our clean air, water, food, and wildlife. After Sandy, I replaced my old oil boiler with an electric boiler for hot water and installed solar panels and cold-weather air-sourced heat pumps. Next, I would like to convert my 2004 Toyota Prius to rechargeable.

I organize community programs with local nature cen­ters like Volunteers for Wildlife, marine rescue groups like Atlantic Marine Conservation Society, and even one on spiders by Cornell Cooperative Extension in Riverhead. I have attended rallies with the Sierra Club-LI Group to protest GMOs in food production, build natural gas infrastructure, and advocate for renewables and investments in energy efficiency vs. building new power plants. Please remember to take a garbage bag with you on your park walks and leave it cleaner than you found it!!

Harvey Miller


I’ve been a member of the Executive Committee since 2005, first as its Webmaster and, since September ‘09, its Treasurer. As Treasurer, I’ve decreased response time in paying bills and reimbursements, increased our amount of reimbursements, helped to reduce phone costs, and revamped our monthly Treasurer Reports in a way that enables the other members of our ExCom to fully un­derstand what is going on in our accounts which frees up time at our meetings to focus on our environmental activities, enabled online and offline backup of our banking data so that it is both safer and accessible to other members of the ExCom and lots more I ask that you vote for me to continue what has proven to be an experience that all the members of our ExCom have appreciated.

Nelly Ortiz

My name is Nelly Ortiz, and I grew up in Amityville. I’ve cared about the environment ever since I was a young child. For example, when I was in Elementary School, I wrote to the Mayor of Amityville about the condition of our town park, Peterkin Park, and the need to clean the pond. Growing up, I engaged in various extracurricular activities that aided in protecting our environment, and I hope to continue in more tangible ways now.

Currently, I am a Digital Marketing Manager at the Clinton Foundation, where one of our pillars is climate resilience. My role requires me to stay informed and engage with climate leaders. In addition, I have been the editor of the Long Island Sierra Club (LISC) news­letter for over two years. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the position as I have met and learned from existing LISC board members. I hope to continue with LISC and increase my responsibilities in taking action to protect Long Island. I hope you vote for me to become a new LISC board member.

Doug Schmid

For 31 years, I have taught in and coordinated an environmental education program, K-12, here on Long Island. This included leading student and teacher field research programs, studying whale behavior and other topics from Alaska to Argentina, and helping bring new science standards to New York State schools. In addi­tion, I am an adjunct environmental science professor and still lead school classes on field science explorations.

As we all know, the health of our local environment and the earth systems that sustain us are under stress, most urgently from climate change. As a society, we must take stronger actions now. I grew up here on Long Island and have spent a life­time exploring our forests and waters. Having recently been appointed the Education Chair of Sierra Club LI Group, I would be honored to join the board and work to support our mission “to explore, enjoy and protect the planet.”

Jill Weber

I’ve served on the Executive Committee since 2020 as the Conservation Committee Chairperson, Politi­cal Committee member, and recently as an At-Large Delegate for the Atlantic Chapter. In addition, I have had the opportunity to interact with elected officials and the community and to help improve the natural areas of Long Island through volunteer events with club mem­bers.


After earning a degree in Environmental Science, I’ve worked in this field for over 40 years. I was the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation for the Town of North Hempstead, an administrator for the New York City Department of Parks, an education director for the New York Botanical Gardens, and a leadership coordinator for American Youth Hostels. If given the opportunity to remain on the executive committee, I will continue to advocate for smart climate solutions on Long Island.

Excom Biographies
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