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Executive Committee (ExCom) Election Information

The Executive Committee of the Long Island group is the governing and local policy making body of the Long Island group. It is composed of 11 Sierra Club L. I. group members who volunteer their time to serve for a two year term. They are elected only by the Sierra Club members who live in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. They act as representatives of the full membership.


On December 31st, the terms of 5 Ex Comm member’s expire. Five members are up for 5 seats. The candidate personal bios are below.


Do not vote online if you have mailed or intend to mail a ballot.

This year, voting for  Group ExCom election will occur via Sierra Club’s My Account platform. 

You can log onto our member center platform, My Account by clicking here. For first time users, you'll need to create an account with your member ID or simply tell us who you are, by providing your name, email address and zip code. Once you've successfully signed in, you will be able to: change your address, update your preferences, view your past giving donations, sign petitions, cast Group and Chapter ballots, and more!


See here for a help doc and to learn more about casting your ballot via My Account. 

Dec 31: Excom ballots (votes) due.​ When you follow the link, please make sure to scroll down and select the group for Long Island before you cast your votes. Thank you.

Biographies for LI Sierra Club Executive Committee 


I am pleased to be once again seeking your vote. I know many of you recognize my name by now, having sat on the board for years and hosting the annual Envi­ronmentalist of the Year luncheons. During my tenure I have advocated against liquefied natural gas, working with a coalition to fight it. I have advocated for renew­able energy. I encouraged people to use LED bulbs when I did tablings, and I have also headed up several of the Electric Car shows. I help with the newsletters and am the membership chair.

I want to continue to serve you as a board member. There is so much still to do, and I would like to contin­ue to try my best to help LI move in the right direction. The Long Island group is turning 50 in November and it is my pleasure to be part of it.


My name is Anthony Becker, and I’m from Mass­apequa. As an undergrad from Fordham, I researched the troubles we face in taking care of our groundwater aquifer – our only source of drinking water, as well as the threats to our diverse surface waters and coastal ecosystems. I’ve worked for the Department of Ag­riculture’s Asian Longhorned Beetle Program where I’ve inspected trees throughout the quarantine area and conducted outreach to spread awareness about this invasive insect that threatens our trees and forests. I enjoy discussing native plants as well as environmental concerns so that more people can become aware of not just how beautiful Long Island is, but also how import­ant its health is for us and everything else that calls it home. I currently work for the Department of Transpor­tation where I help with environmental compliance, and I run the @LISierraClub Instagram account.



I have lived on and loved Long Island all my years. I have experienced its beauty and bounty from the vivid show of fall leaf colors and the magnificence of its surrounding waters to the seafood, berries and farm produce that taste so good and sustains us. I have seen many good and many not so good changes to our land and water and know that by volunteering with the Sier­ra Club Long Island group I have been able to make a difference – to make changes for the better. I hope you vote to allow me to continue to be a force for the better.


I’ve been in the Sierra Club for about 20 years and have participated in many of the activities such as hikes, kayaking, mailing of newsletters and am an avid en­vironment activist. During the Obama administration, I traveled with club members to Washington DC for a rally to ban the Keystone pipeline. I have done much advocacy work in Albany, speaking to lawmakers and members of the governors’ office about banning frack­ing. Before the pandemic, I served on the Beyond Coal campaign and participated in many activities to pro­mote renewal energy.

When I moved to Blue Point, as part of the campaign to electrify all LIRR lines, I met with my state senator to advocate for this important cause. I drive an EV and have participated in several electric vehicles shows. I have talked to prospective buyers and pointed out the advantages of owning one.



I grew up in The Bronx. My brothers and I, avid hikers and tree climbers, walked or bicycled to Lehman College. I met my wife, Patty, in April 1973. We wed in 1978 and later settled in Baldwin in 1986 with our son and daughter. We love Long Island.

I’ve been a Club member since 1990 as I wanted to learn more about protecting natural resources and pre­serving green spaces on Long Island. I rallied in support of the Green New Deal and was in Manhattan for the most recent Climate Crisis rally with our Atlantic and New York City chapters. Last week, I spoke on behalf of The Sierra Club in support of the offshore Wind Turbine project off Long Beach. Renew­able energy is the way forward. I am passionate about responsible growth on Long Island. How to leave a lighter footprint often guides my next steps.

Excom Biographies
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