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VOTING in 2020

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

The following information is extracted from a Newsday article on September 5th and from the board of elections.

Election Day, November 3rd, is quickly approaching. Here are your voting options and points to consider. Please VOTE!

1) To vote, you must be registered by Oct. 9. To find out if you are registered,

2) Absentee voting* – voting by mail instead of in person. To do this you must:

a) request an absentee ballot by mail or online by Oct. 27 or in person by Nov. 2. Information about how to do this is at**. If making your request by mail, mail delivery seems to be slower than usual and as election day approaches, volume will increase potentially slowing the mail even more, so do it now.

b) an absentee ballot will only be sent upon request.

c) a few days may lapse between requesting a ballot and receiving it. The

board of elections starts mailing requested ballots Oct. 2.

d) absentee ballots must be mailed by Nov. 2 (postmarked by Nov. 3) or submitted in person on Nov. 3 (election day). Mailed ballots must be received at the election board by Nov. 10 (for active military Nov. 16).

3) Voting in person (wear a mask and stay 6 feet or more apart), you have two options:

b) voting Election Day, November 3rd.

Note: In New York State, you can vote by mail AND in person. If you vote both ways, only the in-person vote counts.

* Absentee ballots require a reason for not appearing in person. A recent state law added if you have, or fear getting, Covid-19.

** The absentee ballot website outlines other ways to get your absentee ballot, including going in-person to county election boards, sending an email, or mailing a paper application, which is available to print from the websites of the Nassau and Suffolk boards.

If mailing a ballot, be sure to include all requested information and sign the ballot and the envelope or your vote may not be counted.


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