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Upcoming Sierra Club meetings

There are three meetings for members and non-members of the LI Sierra Club for all to attend who would like to. Meetings are held in person as well as Zoom. Please register for these events with the Copiague Library. The number to call to register is: 631-691-1111.

Location: 50 Deauville Blvd., Copiague, NY

Thursday December 14, 2023 @ 6:30pm

The LI Mammal Survey, Enrico Nardone, Executive Director, Seatuck Environmental Association, Islip - using remote trail cameras and live traps to document smaller and fossorial species (e.g. shrews, moles, mice, and voles) we are recruiting local conservation groups, wildlife agencies, schools, and interested volunteers. Learn about changes in local mammal populations and how to get involved. (

Thursday, January 11, 2024, 6:30pm

Seal Watching on LI, Dr. Artie Kopelman, President, CRESLI-Coastal Research and Education Society of LI - Dr. Kopelman has been conducting seal walks and cruises for almost 20 years. CRESLI was formed by local scientists to protect marine mammals including pinnipeds (feathered or winged feet) that winter on LI. Learn about this important work and how to help.

Thursday, February 8, 2024, 6:30pm

Saving Animals from Extinction, ‘Ranger’ Eric Powers, Lead Educator, CEED-Center for Environmental Education and Discovery, Brookhaven-Fascinating look at condors on the brink of extinction in 1980’s being captured, captive bred, and reintroduced ‘back to the wild’. Followed by Eric discussing his past experiences in nature education and conservation.  Learn about CEED’s current efforts to involve school children in hatching and releasing of the native Northern Bobwhite Quail. 

Northern Bobwhite Quail project:

More info: Diane Ives 631-532-9926


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