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Updated: Feb 26, 2021

1) March 21: Visit Your State Senator in their District Office & Say #PassTheCCPA!We have a majority of Senators (33 and counting) signed on to the Climate & Community Protection Act -- now it’s time to make sure they vote on it and vote YES. We can create urgency and accountability and show Senators their constituents are counting on them to pass the CCPA in 2019 without delay. Also, while the budget process is still ongoing (until April 1), we can reaffirm support for the Climate & Community Protection Act specifically - they shouldn’t think they can negotiate on a weaker climate proposal through the budget process and call it done.

Sign up link - a map of events happening across the state:

On Long Island, this means meeting with our 6 Democratic representatives, which means we'll need 6 POINT PEOPLE to lead each visit. This person will be responsible for greeting other constituents who show up day of, leading the exchange with the Senator or their staff, and making sure to follow through on the aims for the day (making the ask, getting a commitment, and taking a picture for social media). Please let me know if you can take point on a visit. The time slots are currently 12-1pm for convenience sake (lunchtime) but you can adjust as needed (we can call ahead to schedule the interaction with their office if we'd like). If you cannot lead but want to join or want to help spread the word, please share the link above.


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