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Executive Committee (ExCom) Election Schedule

2022 Sierra Club Long Island Group Executive Committee Election Schedule


May 26-27, 2022 – ExCom approves use of electronic voting first.

And Nominating Committee (NomCom) appointed and approved by the ExCom members.


July 6 – Deadline for receipt of names and initial background statements from ExCom candidates for consideration by the NomCom


July 31 (on or before) – NomCom initial report with an initial list of candidates


August 30 – Deadline for receipt of ballot issue petitions


August 30 – Deadline for receipt of petitions for and statements by ExCom candidates

not nominated by the NomCom


September 8 – NomCom final report with final list of candidates.


September 8 – ExCom Appointment of the Elections Committee.


September 15 – Deadline for receipt of final candidate statements by the Elections


September 15 – Eligible voter lists produced for mailing of ballots in the Sierra



[no later than] October 1 - Printing and mailing of ballots.


December 31 – Deadline for postmark of returned ballots and online voting.


January 10, 2023 – The counting of ballots shall take place on or before this date, with the

exact date, time and place for counting ballots announced by the Election Committee

chair or co-chairs.

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