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Support Summertime Restriction on Gas Leaf Blowers

Long Island Sierra Club supports a summertime restriction on gas leaf blowers

Long Island has gotten an F in Air Quality from the American Lung Association for 14 years in a row. Gas Leaf Blowers (GLBs) have multiple adverse health effects. Cancer, asthma and heart disease are just a few conditions that arise from particulates, which unregulated GLBs excel in raising. Gas Leaf Blower emissions contribute significantly to Climate Chaos. Toxic dust, which includes heavy metals and pesticides, goes everywhere, including on organic gardens and solar panels.

Almost 500 communities in the U.S. have restricted or banned these most polluting and unheatlhy machines. The state of Hawaii and Israel have banned them year-round.

In addition to the LISC, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Lung Association, and the Huntington/Oyster Bay Audubon Society have sent letters of support.

Are you a resident of the Town of Huntington? If so, help HUNTINGTON C.A.L.M. convince the Town Board to seasonally restrict Gas Leaf Blowers. Call your town representatives today.


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