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Off-Shore Drilling Plans

Stop New Plans for Offshore Oil Drilling:

Ask Our Federal Leaders to Protect Our Coastlines, Our Jobs and Our Children's Future





Read About New Oil Drilling Plans:

Long Islanders Voice Opposition to Trump's Offshore Drilling Plan


Add Your Voice.

Cut off Date: March 10th

1. Go to (BOEM-2017-0074) 

2. Click Comment Now!

3. Type-in your comments!


  • Renewable Energy NOT EMISSIONS!


4. Add personal contact information (to prove you are no Bot!)

5. UNCHECK Box that says "I am submitting on behalf of a third party"

6. On the next page preview your information and click "continue"

9. The next page should say," Your comment was submitted successfully!" and you will get a receipt number.

10. Put-in your zip code and call your elected representatives (your call really is important) - go to:

      Call Your House of Representatives (DC)

      Call Your The New York State Senate (Albany)

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