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2016-17 Winter Programs at the Copiague Library

Author: Gail Payne

Wed., December 21, 6:30 pm Ferde Grofe’s Grand Canyon Suite & presentation by Richard Amper, Executive Director, LI Pine Barrens Society, Walt Disney, 1958 (32 min.) – Ferde Grofe is an American composer best known for his 1931 masterpiece in 5 parts – “Sunrise”, “Painted Desert”, “On the Trail”, “Cloudburst”, and “Sunset”. Many from that generation enjoyed watching this over and over again and now we’re bringing it back in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service which was started when John Muir started the Sierra Club to save our trees by preserving Sequoia and Yosemite Forests in northern California. Afterward Mr. Amper will discuss the many benefits of trees from wildlife habitat to climate change mitigators and clean drinking water.

Sat., January, Jan. 21, 2:00 pm

Secrets of Sampawams Creek: saving our streams Tom Stock, local Poet, Essayist, Naturalist, Photographer is on a mission to save our precious waters and wildlife. According to Tom the ecology and biology of the creeks along the South Shore of LI and the Great S. Bay are the same, so to understand one of them is to understand them all. Come to learn and you might want to volunteer with Tom’s project to clean up our streams including invasives pulling and removing garbage from creek headwaters!

Sat., February 18, 2:00 pm Save Plum Island for the Birds (and future generations) If you’ve never been to Plum Island, off the tip of the North Fork of LI in the LI Sound, that’s because it’s for the birds. A rare, prime nesting habitat and site of the government’s infectious disease research lab. But the government wants to move the lab and sell the island to the highest bidder. But what about the birds! Find out what’s being done to save their home with Louise Harrison, Save the Sound/Connecticut Fund for the Environment, NY Outreach Coordinator.

All films will be screened at the Copiague Memorial Public Library (lobby auditorium), 50 Deauville Blvd.

  • *free to members and public*

  • *free refreshments*

  • *suitable for kids of all ages*


From East: Montauk Hwy. (27A) half mile west of Great Neck Rd., Copiague. Right (north) on Deauville Blvd., library on right, next to elementary school.

From West: Montauk Hwy. (27A) one mile east of Rte. 110/Broadway, Amityville. Left (north) on Deauville Blvd., library on right, next to elementary school.


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