Executive Committee (ExCom) Election Information

The Executive Committee of the Long Island group is the governing and local policy making body of the Long Island group. It is composed of 11 Sierra Club L. I. group members who volunteer their time to serve for a two year term. They are elected only by the Sierra Club members who live in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. They act as representatives of the full membership.


On December 31st, the terms of 5 Ex Comm member’s expire. Seven members are running to fill the 5 seats. The candidate personal bios are below.


Do not vote online if you have mailed or intend to mail a ballot.

Online link for the voting ballot can be found here*.

Dec 31: Excom ballots (votes) due.​ When you follow the link, please make sure to scroll down and select the group for Long Island before you cast your votes. Thank you.

Biographies for LI Sierra Club Executive Committee 

Ann Aurelio


Since the first time I ran for the board my family has grown. I went from a mother of 3 adult boys to a grandmother of 6 grandchildren. People will ask me why do you care so much about the environment around you, you’re a senior citizen so let someone else worry about it. I reply that it saddens me to see the damage we are doing and that people still think climate change is a hoax and ignore the evidence in front of them. I constantly worry about what kind of world it will be once I am gone. I feel guilty that my generation has not done enough for future generations and, for this reason I am asking for your vote once again so I can continue to be part of an organization with such caring people who are trying to better Long Island.

Jane Fasullo


Living on L.I. all my life and witnessing significant environmental damage, I was elated when I learned that the Sierra Club had a local group that needed help. I volunteered to assist at an information table at a local event. Shortly, I was asked to run for an executive committee seat. You voted me in. I have since “worked” 20 to 60-hour weeks as the tabling manager, the group’s executive committee chair, the phone answerer, the manager and trainer for the outdoor program, and I’ve representated the group on the executive committee of the NY state chapter (the Atlantic chapter). Though I dislike politics, I’ve learned that to be effective, one must get involved with it, so I do. I am grateful to you for giving me this opportunity and hope you will vote for me again so I can continue to act, learn and educate.

Anthony Becker


My name is Anthony Becker and I'm from Massapequa. As an undergrad from Fordham, I researched the troubles we face in taking care of our groundwater aquifer--our only source of drinking water--as well as the threats to our diverse surface waters and coastal ecosystems. I've worked for the Department of Agriculture’s Asian Longhorned Beetle Program where I’ve inspected trees throughout the quarantine and conducted outreach to spread awareness about this invasive insect that threatens our trees and forests. I enjoy discussing our environmental needs and concerns with people in this way, so that more people can become aware of not just how just beautiful Long Island is, but also how important its health is for us and everything else that calls it home. I currently work for the Department of Transportation where I help with environmental compliance, and I run the @LISierraClub Instagram - check it out!

Jan Brenner


I am currently a Sierra Club Board member and began my term after one of our board members resigned. I am becoming more active as I learn about the current priority environmental issues that challenge our community and our organization.


As a Lifetime Sierra Club member I have been involved with the LI group for more than 35 years as an outings leader and participant as well as an environmental activist. I have always actively supported Sierra Club issues and events with contributions of time, money, writing to legislators and occasionally attending hearings and protest events.


Our current Climate Change crisis demands increased attention and timely action to protect our natural resources and those of our planet. I would like to continue to support the good work being done by the Sierra Club as a board member.

Mark Anthony

My passion for nature and professional skills will be an asset to the Executive Committee. As a Long Beach resident, I see the impact of straws and bottles polluting our shores. My walks on the beach include clearing plastic and leaving the area better than I found it.


I prevented the clear cutting of a berm that was a beautiful habitat to deer, fox, and rabbits by organizing residents and city reps.


As a corporate trainer and negotiator, I’ve worked on 6 continents. This allowed me to work with diverse cultures and personalities. As an entrepreneur, I’ve built an 8-figure business in under 10 years using leadership, marketing, and organizational skills. 


I help teams be more efficient and achieve their goals. I love nature, have a fond appreciation for fauna. Our environment needs advocates and protection. I’d be honored to use my skills and experience to help.