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The Long Island Sierra Club is a "Group" in the Atlantic (New York) Chapter of the national Sierra Club organization.


The group operates relatively independently of the state and national organization, receiving only enough funding each year to barely cover the newsletter costs, and limited only by the need to be consistent with state and national policies.


The LISC Group is composed of eleven executive committee members- "ExCom" members, active volunteers and committee members, and over 7000 general members. The ExCom is the guiding board of the club, and many of the active volunteers serve on the ExCom at some point.


The work of the club is done by committee chairs and volunteers. For example, the conservation committee deals directly with the environmental topics, and has sub-committees for groundwater, coastal waterways, recycling etc. The committees are very fluid at this level, however, and committee members are mostly defined by the volunteers working on them rather than formal appointments.


There are also important committees for membership, fundraising, meetings, outings, etc.

The sustained activity of all of these committees and volunteers make the LISC a unique volunteer environmental organization.